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Swallowing problems and stroke – watch the video

New video ‘Swallowing problems and stroke’ Over a million people in the UK are living with the aftermath of having a stroke. The numbers are increasing all the time, and every five minutes another person has one1. One consequence of having a stroke is difficulty in swallowing, which may affect up to 78% of people2. […]

Residents in care homes with dysphagia found to be almost twice as likely to experience medication administration errors as those without

A small-scale observational study in six care homes with 166 residents in Northern England identified from observing 738 individual medication administrations, an error rate of 57.3% in those with dysphagia compared to 30.8% in those without.(1) The main differences in the reasons for errors seen in the residents with dysphagia were drug omission, incorrect performance […]