Usual solid dosage form
Tablets, Capsules, Orodispersible tablets, Soluble tablets, Mofidied Release capsules, Mofidied Release tablets
Available as a liquid
Yes as special (oral drops are also available)
Available as a licensed liquid formulation?
Liquid strengths
Liquid sugar free or not
Additional information for Healthcare Professionals+
Dissolve directly in mouth
Orodispersible tablet formulation available
Available as soluble tablets
Soluble tablet formulation available
Specially coated?
Modified release preparations are available
Available as an unlicensed special liquid formulation?
Yes- suspension/ solution (can be made in some centres)
Licensed for administration via enteral tube
Advice on administration via enteral tube
Current resources suggest that the soluble tablets, orodispersible tablets and liquid preparation are likely to be safe to administer via enteral feeding tubes. Stop the enteral feed before administration. Flush the feeding tube with water before and after administration of the medication. No break in feeding is required after the medication has been administered.
Available as other formulations?
Injection (50mg/mL) and Oral drops (100mg/ml)
Film coated
Modified release
Various modified release preparations exist
Enteric coated
Sugar coated
Generic drug
Tramadol hydrochloride
Safe or appropriate to crush
Licensed alternative formulations available and therefore crushing is not recommended.